Sulzer XRW Submersible Mixers

  Sulzer XRW Submersible Mixers

Submersible Wastewater Mixers

Flow N Control is an authorized manufacturer’s representative for Sulzer/ABS, which allows us to offer some of the industry’s best and most reliable submersible mixers for wastewater applications. Sulzer/ABS submersible wastewater mixers are known for their superior engineering, proven designs, and dependable performance.

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Sulzer/ABS Wastewater Mixers

Sulzer/ABS designs and manufactures dynamic submersible mixers for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications. Their mixers are an ideal solution for agitating, blending, mixing, dissolving, or suspending solids in treatment tanks and other vessels. Numerous models are available for various mixing operations, including use in aggressive or abrasive liquids. Flow N Control offers:

  • XRW 210 submersible mixers
  • XRW 300 submersible mixers
  • XRW 480 submersible mixers
  • XRW 900 submersible mixers
  • and more

Features & Benefits of Sulzer/ABS Submersible Mixers

High Efficiency Performance

Most Sulzer/ABS wastewater mixers utilize the company’s premium-efficiency IE3 asynchronous motors, along with optimized propeller designs, for the lowest possible energy consumption at each mixing speed—a boon for applications where mixers must operate 24 hours a day.

Large, Long-Lasting Bearings

Permanently-lubricated bearings offer true reliability, as well as a calculated working life of more than 100,000 hours.

Advanced Engineering & Sturdy Construction

Large, heavy-duty rotor shafts minimize deflection. Triple seal systems and dual oil chambers provide enhanced motor protection. Hydraulically-optimized investment cast or stainless steel propellers deliver the best possible mixing performance and are self-cleaning for reduced maintenance requirements.

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